Discover who you can be, find your uniqueness and link it with your purpose

With PDA VOT, you can analyze your personality, skills, interests and preferences, and we will recommend you the courses and institutions that fit your profile. We will help you reduce the uncertainty in this important stage!

Generate a complete report of preferences, competencies, skills and recommendations

Our Vocational Orientation Test generates a complete report on the preferences, competencies, skills and recommendation of courses aiming at guiding the person in the decision-making process regarding their academic and professional future.

The Test invites people to travel towards self-knowledge to learn more about themselves and get close to their interests and skills with the purpose of finding the best choice for their future.

Our Orientation Test
Vocational allows:


The Professional Interests Questionnaire (PIQ) was a research report based on scientific evidence whose results have been successful and indicated that the PIQ is suitable to make a scientific evaluation on the interests related with tertiaries studies and corresponding professions.

The Module has 135 preference descriptions corresponding to 15 Vocational Preferences that contemplate a complete sample of possible professional interests.

multiple intelligences

This other theoretical background allows us to recognise the aptitudes of the person evaluated by the PDA Vocational Orientation Test, based on Joseph Gardner’s theory:

PDA Behavioural

The richest theoretical background of our VOT is the behavioural Assessment. The PDA Assessment is a reliable instrument, scientifically validated, which has been developed in order to understand and describe people’s behaviour and to discover their potentialities.