Transform your organization with our software and obtain end-to-end measurement for comprehensive talent management.

Our cloud-based solutions help you recruit the best candidates, develop and retain your talents, and recognize your employees to provide an engaging experience throughout their life cycle.


Do you want to find the ideal talent?

  • Know each candidate's natural tendency of behavior.
  • Assign a behavioral profile to a position as a starting point for your selection process.
  • Determine and describe the competencies required for the job.
  • Identify the degree of compatibility of the candidates with the position.


Do you know how to lead effectively?

  • Discover your leadership style and how to enhance it.
  • Distinguish the key aspects to take into account to ensure a good relationship with each team member.
  • Give your collaborators a simple tool for their self-development.
  • Generate spaces to give timely and specific feedback to your collaborators about their skills. 


Do you know how to form agile teams?

  • Get quantitative and qualitative information to evaluate the competencies of each role in the team.
  • Integrate behavioral profile information into performance evaluations and 360° Feedback.
  • Offer a personalized action and development plan to each member.
  • Delve into group behavior trends to do behavioral analysis of people.


Do you need data to make decisions?

  • Predict the turnover rate of your current collaborators.
  • Design personalized incentive plans and reduce hiring costs.
  • Analyze the desired competencies of your collaborators and design your own recommendation model for training and development plans.
  • Make faster, more informed decisions by incorporating intelligence into end-to-end HR processes.

Easy implementation

PDA Profile allows global data analytics as it is easily integrated with different management systems by web services.

Connect all your apps and get a comprehensive look at the talent in your organization!

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