We are a global company that develops, implements and transfers
technological tools and innovative programs for comprehensive talent


Give people the opportunity to ignite their uniqueness

We understand by singularity the strengths and areas for improvement that differentiate us from other people, it is everything that make us unique and unmatched.

At PDA we want all people to be able to find and express that uniqueness, develop their potential and reach their exponential talent.

What we believe


At PDA, the values we share guide everything we think, say and do. They push us to move in the right direction.

We want to leave the world better than we found it. Our uniqueness and putting our talents at the service of a vision is how we make this happen. We believe that everyone, from our place, can be part of the change.

Be Singular! Be an exponential talent!

This is how we lead

We believe in conscious and responsible leadership. Meet our leaders: 

Gabriela Campodónico

Chief People & Happiness Officer

Juan Manuel Bigioni

Chief Operations Officer

Julieta Cumbo

Chief Marketing Officer

Damian Kakazu

Chief Technology Officer

Nataly López

Chief Business Officer

Fer Niizawa

Chief of Public Affairs, Communications & Growth Officer

Johanna Vella

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Alan Sablich

Chief Information Officer

Diego Beiguel

Chief Financial Officer

Jaime Andrés Diaz Luque

Chief Executive Officer

Our history

Passionate about technology and people management, that’s how PDA was born. Founded with the purpose of having a workspace that could balance the professional and personal development of each of the members of the project, through the design of technological solutions that promote talent and transform organizations.

That purpose is still alive, today that north continues to guide our organization.

Our history


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Why PDA?

We are a digital company that helps organizations reinvent themselves to create a path to the future and unleash their full potential. We combine technology and data with innovation, which allows us to make decisions centered on people.  

Our culture

At PDA we believe that talent is something that can be developed, that is why we show you the values and competencies of each Singular, what drives them to reach their exponential talent.

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