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20. Should you have any questions about the material that appears on the website, please contact [email protected]


21. Should you purchase products (including services) from us, for which you have paid, provision of said products is subject to our standard terms and conditions, which replace the terms detailed below:

22. The material and content shown on the website is provided without any guarantee, condition or guarantee regarding its accuracy. To the extent permitted by law, we and other members of our group of companies expressly exclude all conditions, guarantees and other terms that would otherwise be implicit in the statute, customary right or act regarding fairness.

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    • loss of income, business, earnings or contracts (whether direct or indirect)
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30. We may revise these terms of use at any time by amending this web page. It is expected that you check this web page from time to time to take note of any changes we have made, since they apply to you. Some of the provisions contained in these terms of use may also be replaced by provisions or notices published in another part of the website.

May 24, 2018

PDA International INC
Address: Fondo de la Legua 966, c.p. 1640, Martínez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Telephone: (005411) 4717 2900


PDA International standard terms and conditions for provision of online services


“PDA International” PDA International INC has registered at the address: 1752 Aspen Ln, Weston. Florida (33327), United States.

“Administrator”: A person appointed by the Buyer to whom PDA grants administrator access to Services.

“Assessment”: The various PDA International products, as established in

“Authorised User”: A person authorised by an Administrator to access the Services (an Authorised User can also be an Administrator).

“Buyer”: The person (whether a company, corporation, person or entity) who has a contract with PDA International for Training Services or Seminars.

“Candidate”: A person for which an Authorised User requests access to Services so that an individual seeking employment with the Buyer may complete an Assessment.

“Credentials/Users”: Information related to any person (such as an access code, user name, password or biometric data) designed to grant them access to Services and/or to authenticate their identity.

“Rate”: The price agreed to by the Buyer for the provision of the Services.

“Services”: Services provided through the PDA International website or where relevant data is entered into the PDA system through our website, including (among others) the provision of assessments.

“Credits” purchased by the Buyer, where a determined number of credits provides access to a determined quantity of relevant Services, as you can see in the Information/Price List. The units have no monetary value, cannot be redeemed due to non-use, cannot be transferred to third parties and are not available for purchase of products other than Services.


2.1 These terms and conditions complement the PDA International Standard Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available upon request, or which is available on the PDA website.
In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and the PDA International Standard Terms and Conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

2.2. PDA International authorises Authorised Users to access Services in order to open and manage Assessments in accordance with these terms and conditions, subject to the Buyer paying the Rate (either by means of credits or other) and complying with their obligations under these terms and conditions.
When Services are provided by means of software components that are executed in the Buyer’s own systems, PDA International provides the Buyer with a limited and non-exclusive copyright license to use such components; this license grants rights consistent with (but not farther-reaching than) the authorisation granted in this sub-clause 2.2, and which conclude upon the termination of the authorisation.

2.3 PDA may use sub-processors from time to time for the provision of Services. PDA International shall be liable for the acts or omissions of said sub-processors according to this agreements, as if it itself made said acts or omissions.

2.4 When opening and managing Assessments, Buyers can authorise Candidates to access the Services solely for the purpose of completing assessments.

2.5 When Services are provided in exchange for Credits, the corresponding number of Credits shall be deducted from the Buyer’s account.


The Buyer:

3.1 shall not guarantee that Authorised Users access or attempt to access Services through the URL provided by PDA International;

3.2 may not access any API that provides access to Services, except when said access to the API has been explicitly granted by PDA and subject to the interface specifications provided by PDA;

3.3 shall ensure that all Authorised Users comply with the terms of this Agreement;

3.4 shall revoke the credentials of any authorised user when it believes that said credentials have been compromised;

3.5 shall notify PDA International as soon as it becomes aware that the credentials assigned to any administrator have been compromised in order to allow PDA International to research the circumstances and remove (and replace) the credentials;

3.6 shall continue, and ensure, that Authorised Users follow all reasonable instructions of PDA in the use of the Services;

3.7 shall ensure that Authorised Users have received the proper training and shall not allow anyone to attempt to process or interpret the results of any Assessment for which they have not received proper training; and

3.8 shall fully and effectively indemnify and hold PDA harmless from all costs, claims, losses or expenses deriving from any claim made by a third party arising from improper use of the Services or any breach of the above obligations.


4.1 PDA International holds the proprietary rights pertaining to the database for each and every one of the materials and services provided as part of the Services. The Buyer is expressly prohibited from copying any part of the Services (including products), except to the extent required to receive the Services under this Agreement.

4.2 All books and materials provided by PDA are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights and may not be copied, for any purpose, without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

PDA International tries to ensure that the information contained in the materials is accurate, but it is provided as support material for events and does not substitute them. The information always tends to disappear quickly. For this reason, the Buyer acknowledges that it must not rely on the content of the course books or materials provided by PDA International without verifying them.

4.3. PDA may provide paper assessment documentation. The Buyer agrees not to make copies of said documents and to use only the originals provided by PDA.

The data provided by Candidates in relation to said documentation are taken into account in exactly the same way as the data entered into the Services, once submitted to PDA, and the Buyer’s obligations to any Candidate to which it provides paper documentation are the same as the ones it has with Candidates directly using the Services.


5.1 This clause 5 should be interpreted in reference to the definitions contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Law”)

5.2 Except where explicitly stated in these terms and conditions, PDA is the processor of all personal data entered by Authorised Users and by Candidates in the provision of Services, and the Buyer is the data controller. The Buyer acknowledges that personal data may be processed by sub-processors and that it must seek and obtain applicable consent from all interested parties to permit the processing of their personal data according to what is provided in this Agreement, and in particular must obtain their consent to the Privacy Policy.

5.3 When it acts as a data processor, PDA agrees to act solely by following the instructions of the pertinent data controller and to comply with the seventh principle of data protection (security).

5.4 PDA International shall cooperate with the Buyer and shall provide it with reasonable assistance in relation to any subject access request received by the Buyer. When PDA receives subject access requests related to data of which PDA is the data processor and the Buyer is the data controller, PDA shall send the subject access request to the Buyer.

PDA may charge the Buyer to manage subject access requests based on its normal rates for time and materials (and without reference to the rate that the staff responsible for processing could charge the data subject in accordance with the Law). The Buyer shall indemnify and hold PDA harmless against any claim made by an interested party in relation to breach of the Law in which PDA is the data processor and is acting in accordance with clause 5.3 above.

5.5. The Buyer recognises and accepts that the data provided to PDA International may be added to other data and used for analytical purposes. When used for analytical purposes, PDA ensures that the data is properly anonymised prior to said use, and that no individual shall be identifiable based on the data that were anonymised and added.


6.1 The Buyer accepts and recognises that the results of the Assessments are a tool to help with the selection, retention, development, deployment and advancement of Candidates (including employees), and are intended to be utilised as an aid by trained Human Resources personnel. In particular, the Buyer agrees that the results of the Assessments shall not be used for redundancy selections.


7.1 PDA International shall make every reasonable effort to guarantee that Services are available at all times, but does not guarantee 24/7 availability. The Client accepts and acknowledges that Services shall only be available when it maintains a sufficiently fast and reliable internet connection, and uses a browser environment that complies with PDA International guidelines.
In particular, this may require downloading browser complement add-ons to allow access to content. PDA is not liable for said complements from third parties and the Buyer is responsible for complying with the licensing agreements that may apply thereto.

7.2 The Buyer accepts and acknowledges that it is responsible for maintaining security copies of its data, including data stored in PDA International’s system.

Revision May 24, 2018

“PDA International”

PDA International INC registered at address: 1752 Aspen Ln, Weston. Florida (33327), United States.