Transform the organizational climate and increase your talent engagement

Make a diagnosis of the working environment, evaluate indicators such as leadership, resilience and organization protocols, so as to get to know the collaborators’ perception

Agile, concrete and simple

An excellent experience in your collaborators’ work place generates a competitive advantage in the market.
Increase the collaborators’ engagement and inspire pride in your organization.

PDA Environment uses an agile, concrete and simple method to get, in a short time, clear and evident results on the state of the organizational climate. Moreover, it gives precise information so that you can transform your collaborators’ voice into action plans.

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Why choose PDA Work Environment?

Our tool proposes a distinction for the analysis of the environment in a consistent and focused way: it isolates the aspects linked with internal context that, although influential to the perception of the environment, do not belong to their formation.

This helps to analyze, in an effective and independent way, the information of both domains (environment and internal context) and to develop actions focusing clearly on each of them.

Get to know the 6 dimensions: