Know your skills and improve your professional profile to get the job you are looking for

Our assessment will allow you to stand out from other candidates by understanding your strengths. This unlocks your potential and leads you to deliver your career goals.  

Discovering your strengths and skills is the best strategy to join and develop professionally. Get to know our self-knowledge test and in just 8 minutes, discover what you can highlight from your profile when applying for a job.

Take your career to the next level with accurate and scientifically based information. 

How do our behavioral assessments work?

In just 8 minutes

PDA's behavioral assessment provides an accurate view of how people behave. Through a simple, accurate and scientifically proven methodology, it allows to describe and analyze the behavioral profile and identify talents.

Receive your behavioral report

The PDA Assessment provides an initial report that details your strengths and areas of opportunity, your communication style, what motivates you, your main skills, your motivations, strengths and areas for development.

Access to a personalized feedback

Once you have completed the PDA you have access to a personal return, where our team of consultants will be able to advise you in your job search and professional growth.

How do you leverage your CV?

Combining the results of the PDA Personality Test with your CV will allow Human Resources managers to identify the activities and responsibilities that match your skills, motivations and strengths so that you can develop your talent.

With the PDA you can:

Become who you want to be

Be the protagonist of your growth and make the most of your circumstances by exploring your self-knowledge, a fundamental starting point for any personal transformation.

Background & Theory

Get to know the theoretical background, based on research, and any other extra information here: