Transform your organization with our software and obtain end-to-end measurement for comprehensive talent management.

Our cloud-based solutions help you recruit the best candidates, develop and
retain your talents, and recognize your employees to provide an engaging
experience throughout their life cycle.

Obtain an end-to-end measurement helping to improve decision-making in any
management situation, process implementation, cultural transformations, talent identification, development and management.


PDA Profile: we use PDA's ecosystem of digital tools to know and make an accurate diagnosis.


Talent Compass: HR Analytics and Machine Learning help us to analyze and manage with the available data: detect gaps, map talent, know the best profiles for each challenge.


We drive the transformation: we enhance what brings you closer to the future you dream of.

Attract, develop and retain the best talent with our talent management solutions

Hire the ideal candidate, design agile teams, inspire collaborators, measure
engagement with PDA Assessment.


PDA Assessment

Know each person’s natural tendency of behavior and identify motivators through an agile and scientifically supported methodology


PDA Competencies

Determine and describe the skills required for the job. Customize the competitions
and develop exclusive programs for each collaborator.



Assign a behavioral profile to a position as a starting point and identify the degree
of compatibility of the candidates with the position sought.



Analyze and manage with the available data, detect gaps, map talent and
discover the best profiles for each challenge in your organization.

We add value in decision making

We encourage you to continue complementing the information of your
candidates from the reports generated by the PDA Assessment.

Develop and retain the best talent

Unleash the potential of your employees by discovering the skills they really need to develop to be successful. Develop the leaders who will take your business to the next level and beyond! Having a succession plan is critical to organizational strategy.

Identify potential and develop talent at all levels of your organization.

Our team of expert TalentLab consultants facilitate the mapping of profiles, carry out leader identification and development programs, and accompany people and organizations to gain new skills.

Identify future leaders

Our assessment is designed to discover talent in people and identify leadership styles. With this information you can develop a personalized plan for each collaborator based on their needs.

Easy to use

PDA allows global data analysis since it is easily integrated with different management systems through web services.

By connecting your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to our PDA platform, you will be able to hire the ideal person for your organization in a faster, smarter, and more objective way.

Connect all your applications and get a comprehensive look at the talent in your organization!

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Behavioral Profiles

More than 10 million people have taken the PDA and discovered their uniqueness, motivators, strengths and areas for improvement.

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Direct Customers

More than 1,500 companies use PDA Assessment to identify talent, design agile teams and motivate employees

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Worldwide Partners

More than 500 partners around the world have incorporated the best human talent platform into their business.

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Job boards

The world's leading job boards rely on PDA to help their candidates improve their profiles and companies find the ideal candidate.