Talent development

Promote the potential of your collaborators, improve the working environment and boost productivity in your organization, taking advantage of the agility offered by our digital tools on the integral talent management.

With our PDA Profile platform, you can develop talent using a behavioural approach helped by technology. Improve the compromise of people, identify and nurture future leaders and design a personalised plan for each collaborator.

Enhance the development of your collaborators.

Identify your high-performance talent, develop them and build their loyalty.

Personalize your collaborator's development

With PDA Assessment and Feedback 360°, you have the possibility of maintaining, reinforcing and improving work competencies. At the same time, you can detect training and development needs.

future leaders

Choose the right people for the right positions, today and in the future.

Having a succession plan is essential to the organizational strategy. Identify the potential and develop talent in all the stages of the organization.

The consulting experts of our TalentLab team help you map profiles, develop programmes for the identification and development of leaders, and accompany people and organizations in acquiring new skills.

Identification of future leaders

Our tools are designed to discover exponential talent in people. Find the uniqueness of each collaborator.

Talent development

PDA Assessment helps you identify the leadership style and the characteristic of each person in order to design a personalized development plan regarding their needs.

Continuous feedback

PDA Feedback360° will allow you to have a frequent dialogue with your collaborators. Measure the efficiency of your succession plan strategy with a 360° vision.

Design amazing teams

Identify the communication styles preferred by your collaborators, discover how to motivate people, generate an environment that harbours trust, self-knowledge and individual development in order to create high-performance teams.

Do you know how to build
agile teams?

Get quantitative and qualitative information to assess the competencies of each role in the team.

Integrate the behavioural profile information to the performance evaluations and Feedback360°.

Offer a personalized action and development plan for each collaborator.

Do you know how to be
an effective leader?

Discover your leadership style and how to enhance it.

Distinguish the key aspects to consider to ensure a good relationship with each team member.

Get into the behavioural team tendencies in order to make vector analysis.

It gives detail on the key aspects to be considered by the leader in order to ensure a good communication with their collaborator and consolidate their relationship.

The team report will allow you to make a behavioural analysis of a group of people.

Talent development
with PDA

We believe that a person’s productivity is directly proportional to their motivation in the organization. That is why, with our PDA Assessment, we have worked in developing innovative tools in order to help you reach organizational goals effectively.

PDA Assessment allows you to:

To achieve:

Invest with a purpose!

Accelerate the effective development inside the organization, boost productivity, achieve a better performance and improve the reputation of your employer brand.