Organizational development

Our PDA Profile platform will help you identify and develop future leaders, improve the collaborators’ engagement and maintain the growth in people and the organization.

We propose you to approach the organizational development with a strategic point of view, focusing on people and responding to the needs of current job environments.

We accelerate the development in organizations.

Our technology enhances your strategy.

Do you want
to boost a cultural transformation?

We accompany the processes of cultural transformation focusing on people. Our technology enhances your organization.

With our questionnaire on Organizational Culture you will be able to see the culture of your business in detail and get a clear picture of the organization that will prove when planning concrete actions focused on reaching the desired objectives. 

Organizational culture has become instrumental to the functioning of organizations and an invisible source of energy. That is why knowing and studying it are regarded as essential for an effective management of internal processes and to achieve the organization’s vision.

Cultural Transformation
with TalentLab

We deal with cultural transformation using an integral approach, aligned with organizational strategy. We contribute to the design of an organizational model that favours the improvement of results using an agile and collaborative approach.

With TalentLab, we help leaders to stablish the purpose of change, we complement the analysis of the information gathered by the PDA Organizational Culture questionnaire using a qualitative approach; and we co-create the map towards the target culture. We facilitate and accompany the design and implementation of initiatives that serve as a vehicle for new cultural messages related to organizational strategy.

Find out how to develop the organizational strategy from the working environment management!

Make a diagnosis of the working environment, evaluate indicators such as leadership, resilience and organization protocols, so as to get to know the collaborators’ perception.

An excellent experience in your collaborators’ working place generates a competitive advantage in the market.

PDA Environment uses an agile, concrete and simple method to get, in a short time, clear and evident results on the state of the organizational climate. Moreover, it gives precise information so that you can transform your collaborators’ voice in action plans.

Remember that our TalentLab consulting team is ready to support and advise you at any time.

Our tool proposes a distinction for analyzing the work environment in a consistent and focused way

It isolates the aspects linked with internal context that, although they influence how the environment is perceived, do not belong to its formation. This helps to analyze, effectively and independently, the information of both domains (environment and internal context) and to develop actions focusing clearly on each of them