Creating the business strategy and controlling the results will not take much effort.

With our questionnaire on Organisational Culture you will be able to see the culture of your business in detail and get a clear picture of the organization that will prove useful in the planning of concrete actions focused on reaching the desired objectives. 

We accompany the cultural transformation processes focusing on people.

Our technology enhances your organization.


Identify the current cultural tendency in the organization and the culture desired by the collaborators; and also the culture that the organization has as an objective.


The behaviours related with organizational strategic needs.


The job satisfaction level.


Information regarding the shared beliefs and values among members of an organization.


The work environment.


The challenges that people working in the organization have.

Why choose PDA Organisational Culture?

The questionnaire on PDA Organizational Culture consists in an approach into the business culture from a behavioural point of view; thus, facilitating the interpretation of its different possibilities and favouring the planning of actions focused on the achievement of desired objectives.

The theoretical background of the PDA Cultural Model rests on PDA Assessment conceptual foundations which are based on William Marston’s Personality Theory and the inputs on organizational culture developed by Carolyn Taylor in her book Walking the Talk.


The PDA Assessment and get data on people’s behaviour.


Which culture is the desired one by the collaborators.


The gaps between people’s behavioural profiles and the cultural tendencies of the organization.


The route from current culture towards the target culture.

Transform the culture of your organization with TalentLab

Transform the culture
of your organization with

We deal with cultural transformation with a comprehensive approach aligned with organizational strategy. We contribute to the design of an organizational model which favours the improvement of results with an agile and collaborative approach.

In TalentLab, we help leaders to stablish the purpose of change, we complement the analysis of data gathered with the PDA Organisational Culture questionnaire with a qualitative approach, and we co-create the map towards the target culture. We facilitate and accompany the design and implementation of initiatives that serve as a vehicle for new cultural messages related to organizational strategies.