Enrich your selection processes

Optimize individual productivity and organizational success with the definition of job positions.

We have more than 1500 positions for all the industries.

The PDA Profile platform helps you define job competencies and characteristics for each vacancy

The custom-made profile definition J.O.B (Job Observer Behaviour) consists in assigning a specific behavioural profile to a position as a starting point for different human resources managements.

This identification helps to analyze if current profiles have the specific skills identified as necessary by the organization and to work in the professionalisation of their profile.

It identifies

The specific skills required for a determined position to generate matching person-position studies, individually and in groups.

It discovers

Training needs and designs specific action plans for each person and segment.

There are more than 40 positions, divided into 10 categories.

Match your candidates or collaborators’ profiles to our PDA positions or create your own personalized positions, adjusting the job competencies, objectives and values of your organization.

PDA talent platform helps you go deeper than the resumé, identify competencies and the behaviours that best suit the position, and incorporate them perfectly into their job profile.

Define specific position profiles based on our J.O.B methodology.

Profile creation has no limits!