Promote growth and develop the confidence and motivation of your collaborators.

Generate spaces to give your collaborators appropriate feedback on their competencies, develop action plans to accelerate the results of the organization with PDA Feedback360°.

What is
Feedback 360°

PDA Feedback 360° is a quantitative and qualitative evaluation on the competencies, regarded as skills, behaviours and attitudes, required in a specific job position.

It generates a diagnosis of a collaborator, made by people in their surroundings, combining subjective information coming from participants classification with the objective information provided by PDA Assessment.

Accelerate the career plan of your collaborators with a clear vision with PDA Feedback 360°.

Why choose PDA Feedback 360°?

Feedback 360° evaluation was designed in order to provide team leaders with accurate information to focus in working with key talent to fulfil any project and encourage organizational purpose.


It is designed to adapt to each organization. The competencies of the organization could be included for evaluation, together with the configuration of many aspects of the platform.

Integrated with PDA Assessment

You can make comparative analysis with the information provided by PDA Assessment, so as to get a complete vision.

Integrated with the level required by the competency

The platform allows the organization to upload the required results for each evaluated competency.

No limits

You can create evaluation processes and feedback without limits. Although the suggestion is for the evaluators to be close to the evaluated and no more than 15, you can start processes without worrying about the number of evaluators.

In the cloud

The system is 100% in the cloud, so neither users nor administrators need to install anything in their devices.

Collaborates in development and self-development

It has the option to incorporate graphic interpretation guides, together with development plans to work with.


Training and development needs in the talent of your business


Your collaborators with a simple self-development tool.


Spaces for continuous, appropriate and accurate feedback to your collaborators about their competencies.


Strengths and improvement opportunities in your employees


Communication and work environment.


Engagement and motivation of the collaborators by making them feel acknowledged and valued.

360 ° PDA Feedback is the tool ideal

If you want to increase the engagement and motivation of collaborators through acknowledgement and value, generate spaces for appropriate feedback about  competencies and improve the internal communication of your organization, PDA Feedback 360° is the ideal tool.

It encourages the potential of your collaborators, enhances the work environment and boosts the productivity of your organization.

Create comprehensive Feedback360° programmes with the support of the TalentLab

We accompany your 360 ° PDA Feedback process with a focus on raising awareness. We set the basis for an effective process, identifying and training the people involved focusing on creating awareness and building credibility regarding the feedback as a key cultural element.

Our outlook combines the qualitative analysis coming from personal evaluations (subjective) with the quantitative, scientific and empirical approach provided by the PDA Assessment.